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The Dream of Heaven: A Real Vision

I was dreaming and in the dream I was granted a vision of heaven. I was besides an ocean and
the ocean was blue-purple and the sky blue with hight-lights of orange, pink and purple. The
ocean and the sky was majestic and radiant in a way not on earth.

The ocean was immense and it was called the Ocean of God and people emerged from it rejuvenated.
On the land that I stood, I saw people I knew and did not know but everyone was filled with vitality
and radiance.

In this heaven I saw the radiant replica of earth, the radiant replica of our bodies. One did not “see” God
but felt God and God is Love.

A thin membrane of a veil separates us from the Consciousness of Heaven. Through prayer, through dreams,
through intense desire, we can pierce this veil at times and replenish ourselves in Heaven.

Heaven is now, for it exists in Cosmic Time which is not the same as Human Time. Human Time always leads
to decay and death whereas Cosmic Time, or Christed Time, is the infinite and the eternal abode.

Yes, we must attend our business that is before us here on earth but do not get lost and trapped in it You have
the choice to pray. Pray is a transport into the divine realm.

Spend time each day in Heaven.